Nef 22 Atakoy

Nef 22 Ataköy


Nef Atakoy 22, consisting of 6 blocks including 18-storey residential, office and hotel situated on a land area of approximately 25,000 m2, comes to life in Atakoy at exact intersection point of Florya, Yesilkoy and Bakırkoy which is one of the most elite living centers. With Nef Atakoy 22, long-awaited home life, offices guiding office life and stores responding to all needs come to Atakoy increasing in value with each passing day, as well as 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartments ranging from 45 to 234 m2 in project.

NEF Atakoy 22, separated from other projects as an attractive living space offers a brand new living space exhaling in the city center, for the people working and training in the axle of “Topkapi Bakırkoy-Airport” evaluated with the axle of Mecidiyekoy-Levent.

Project Details
Investor Peker GYO A.Ş.
Location İstanbul / Turkey
Contractor Timur Gay. Gel. A.Ş.

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