Rancho Paraiso Castle

Rancho Paraiso Castle (16+16, 7.081 m2plot)

About the Project

The main house has 3 f loors and a separate entrance lower level.

The entrance hall of the main f loor takes you directly to an enormous beautiful living room that is connected all around with a beautiful and amazing terrace that leads you to the swimming pool.

The living room, dining room area and relaxation area with a bar are all in the same open space, the kitchen is separated but also has access to the same terrace that surrounds this part.

One bedroom with a private bathroom and dressing room is located at this f loor and has an opening to the lovely terrace as well. The top f loor of this main house has 4 bedrooms.

2 master bedrooms with private bathrooms and dressing areas and another 2 which share the same bathroom. They all have private terraces f rom where you can enjoy the lovely garden and views of the mountain and sea.

-Lower level-

There is a separate entrance at this main villa that has a lower level. It has a en-suite bedroom facing to the pool site.


The second house of this ranch is a smaller villa which can be considered as a guesthouse, with 3 f loors.

The entrance of the house takes you to the main f loor which has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, private dressing rooms and terraces. This side of the house is connected to the swimming pool shared with the main villa.

The living and dining room area are actually situated at the basement level. There is a separate dining room and living room plus one spa room.

The top f loor of this smaller villa has the master bedroom with a huge bathroom, dressing room and chill out room. It also has a spacious terrace that allows you to view amazing panoramas.


The last house of this amazing ranch is actually a annex considered as staff apartments. These are 3 Apartments, 1 on the lower part and 2 on the upper part.

Project Details
Investor Peker Holding
Location Spain

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