Peker Sportleistungszentrum Düsseldorf

Peker Sportleistungszentrum Düsseldorf

About the Project

Fortuna Düsseldorf has found in Peker GMBH an assertive (ambitious) partner for realization of a new functional building.

The main component of the collaboration between Peker and Fortuna Düsseldorf shall subsequently become a more comprehensive long term sponsorship package. The functional building planned should become a new professional home for all U19 and U23 players, licensed players and the office. Thus Fortuna shall consistently implement its strategic priorities to render the same one of the fundamental levers for the purpose of having the optimization of encouragement of young talents and its licensing field, the collaboration between U23 and U19 succeed in the long and medium term.

Functional areas shall be placed in the complex to be constructed in three floors in an area of approximately 6.300 m² for licensed players, U23 and U19, thus they will be able to work under a single roof for the first time. Similarly, all offices which are currently located in two locations shall operate centrally from this building. A roof consisting of solar panels and a smart front structure are merely the two elements of a prudential, flexible and sustainable design concept.

Project Details
Investor Peker Investment GmbH
Location Düsseldorf / Germany
Completion Date

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