Northgate Düsseldorf

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Project Details:

Project development studies are currently ongoing.

Land Owner
Peker GMBH
Vogelsanger Weg 155 40470 Dusseldorf
Delivery Date:


Düsseldorf city is one of the five financial centers of Germany, having international importance. The city is the capital of Northern Rhein-Westphalia state and it has approximately 612 thousands of population, which makes the city as the biggest seventh city of Germany. Düsseldorf also locates at the center of Rhein-Ruhr region which is the most densely populated region of Europe. The closest important cities are as follows: Duisburg (30 km), Essen (35 km), Dortmund (60 km) and Cologne (40 km).

Thanks to A44, A46, A52, A57, A59 and A3 highways of Düsseldorf and B1, B7 and B8 federal highways, there is a quite practicable transportation connection in the city. In addition to this, given the fact that the city is at the crossroads of a regional railway transportation means, there are numerous express train connections in the city. Rhein Port with its total 2 square kilometer size is connecting the city to the marine way networks of Europe. Düsseldorf Airport is Europe’s third biggest airport with its 180 arrival destinations all around the world and it offers rapid transportation to many financial centers within Europe.


Currently, Düsseldorf city’s population is approximately 612 thousands of people. (As of December 31st, 2016) Recently updated estimations indicate and stipulate that the population of Düsseldorf city will increase by 1,9% until year 2025. this population is distributed approximately among 217,4 square kilometers


Headquarters of numerous companies that are being listed and traded within the stock exchange market locate in Düsseldorf. The most frequently seen economic activity areas are consultancy companies, financial auditing and legal activities and advertising activities. Other important branches are fashion industry and finance. The headquarters of E.ON and Henkel named companies are in Düsseldorf. The said two companies are registered in DAX stock exchange market. Furthermore, multinational companies which are operating their activities beyond the local and regional borders are also based and resident in Düsseldorf city of Germany. We can give the following companies as an example to such companies: L’Oréal, Nikon, Vodafone, die Metro AG, Rheinmetall, E‐Plus and ERGO Insurance Group. In addition to the above companies, Mercedes‐Benz and VW are also realizing their production activities in Düsseldorf city, as well.


The parcel of land on which the project development studies are being carried out is locating at the address of: Vogelsanger Weg 155 and the said parcel of land exists at the northern part of city-center of Düsseldorf. Mörsenbroich neighborhood is the 6th region of Düsseldorf city, along with Lichtenbroich, Unterrath and Rath neighborhoods. There is Unterrath neighborhood exists on the northern borders of Mörsenbroich and there is Derendorf neighborhood exists on the northwestern borders and there is Düsseltal neighborhood exists on the southern borders and there is Grafenberg neighborhood exists on the southeastern borders and finally there is Rath neighborhood exists on the eastern borders of Mörsenbroich. Current population of Mörsenbroich is approximately 14 thousands of people. Düsseldorf Gar is approximately 5,0 km far away and one can easily access to the Düsseldorf Gar within 15 minutes by driving a private car, by following the direction route at the south as follows: Nördlicher Zubringer, Toulouser Allee and Worringer Straße. One can also access to the Düsseldorf Airport within approximately 10 minutes, by driving a private car. The real estate which is subject to value appraisal is connected with Vogelsanger Weg, which is lying at the southern part of the parcel of land in question.

This parcel of land on which there are currently project development studies have been carried out is having a perfect transportation connection point, thanks to “Mörsenbroicher Ei” crossroads which is very close to the said parcel of land. “Mörsenbroicher Ei” crossroads is one of the busiest crossroads of Düsseldorf city in terms of traffic and transportation, which combines three federal highways (B1, B7 and B8) as well as three other roads. There is a connection point at A52 highway which enables you to access to the Düsseldorf Airport, within shortest possible time on the northern direction of Nördliche Zubringer (B1) highway. A52 highway also connects with A44 highway. The real estate in question locates at the passage way in between the Nördlicher Zubringen (B1) highway and A52 highway.

Given the fact that the public transportation facilities are quite less in the region where the real estate in question locates, it is required to accept the public transportation in this region is below the average. Accordingly, there is the “Vogelsanger Weg” bus stop which is only 5 minutes of walking distance at the said point. The closest tramway station, namely; “Haeselerstraße” is only 10 minutes far away, by walking to the real estate which is subject to value appraisal. The closest suburban train connection is the “Düsseldorf‐Rath Mitte” station which is approximately 20 minutes of distance by walking. According to the information provided by the customer, currently the relevant negotiations are being continued with the authorized officials of Düsseldorf Municipality, in order to place and allocate a bus stop or a railway system station at the northern and southern points of the real estate in question. By this way, the connection with the public transportation systems as well as the micro status will be significantly enhanced and improved.

The most distinctive element which is very close to the real estate subject to the value appraisal is a large parking lot.


Given the fact that, this project is directly locating at the Zubringer Nord wherein approximately 40 thousands of transportation vehicles pass away from this point on a daily basis; a quite special importance is attributed and given to this project, in terms of development of Düsseldorf city. Therefore, the northern part of the city along with the entire of the region near the Vogelsanger Weg which have been more likely still and stagnant until now will be positively affected from this construction project both at the northern and southern directions. This project will draw other investments to this region by creating a signal effect and it will play a driving force and role for the improvement and development of this region. Optimal infrastructure and easy connection and easy access opportunities are all creating the optimal conditions for the functions of the location. With this project, the first foundation stone of northern gate of Düsseldorf city will be laid.