PeK Automotive

About Us
PeK Automotive d.o.o. has been operating under Peker Holding since 2019. PeK Automotive develops and manufactures safe Electric Vehicles with advanced technologies for the agriculture and security industries at its production facilities in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Electric Vehicles developed by PeK Automotive are safe, durable, cost effective and environmentally friendly. They provide a true autonomous drive thanks to the sensors and artificial intelligence capability they contain. This offers comfort and cost-efficiency to our valued customers.

PeK Automotive develops high technologies not only for its own products but also for other players in the market. Our vehicles are equipped with the features, by which they can fulfill many mission needs of farmers and emergency response teams alone.

PeK Automotive will provide up to date Electrical Vehicles that are recognized by their innovative design, eco friendliness, cost-efficiency, safety, and endurance.

PeK Automotive provides smart Electric Vehicles of low voltage technology for the agricultural and security sectors. Our vehicles can perform various operations that cover farmers and rescuers requirements eco-friendly and cost-efficiently. We develop the innovative technology not only for our own products but offer them for other market players as well. Our vehicles are connected to the networks, incorporate numerous sensors and artificial intelligence for truly autonomous drive that also brings extra safety, comfort, and productivity to our customers.

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